Photo 31 Oct 1 note Me as Heisenberg/Walter White for Halloween

Me as Heisenberg/Walter White for Halloween

Photo 26 Aug 2 notes My first visit to Wrigley Field is a wet one.

My first visit to Wrigley Field is a wet one.

Text 11 Apr 3 notes Beard-A-Thon

It’s playoff time in Tennessee! The Nashville Predators begin their road to the Stanley Cup tonight with Game 1 against the Detroit DeadWings. That means I’m sporting a babyface which will soon grow into a playoff beard. In addition to being good luck for the Preds & generally entertaining for anyone who hasn’t ever seen me beardless, it’s also a great opportunity to raise money for charity.

Head on over to the NHL’s Beard-a-thon site where you can vote for me and more importantly you can help out a great cause by making a pledge which goes to the Nashville Predators Foundation.

All money raised through Beard-a-thon will benefit the Nashville Predators Pediatric Cancer Research Fund at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. By supporting Beard-a-thon, fans will be doing their part to help find a cure for cancer.

My goal is to raise $500 during the playoffs. If you’re able to make a pledge, that’s awesome. If not, that’s ok too. Either way you can still watch as my face slowly morphs back into one that you recognize. Go Preds!

Text 3 Apr 1 note streamlinkr: Easily share links to Rdio, Spotify & Grooveshark

Two weekends ago a friend asked me if there was a site where you could search for a song and get results from all the major streaming sites. I had no idea so I went looking. It turned out there was a site that did that, but it was very plain and didn’t provide an easy way to share those links with your friends. The code was available on github so I decided to turn it into what I envisioned the site should be.

After spending the last 2 Sunday afternoons working on it, the site is mostly done. It’s still a work in progress and I’d like to clean it up and add a few more features to it, but it’s ready to be used now.

Check it out here:

Text 3 Feb 10 notes Bacon Pancakes

Here’s how I make bacon pancakes. If you want to get fancy and make everything from scratch, go right ahead. I’m a bachelor so I choose the method that gets bacon into my belly in the least amount of time.

Get pancake mix, water and wisk. Mix it up in a bowl until it’s gooey. Not too watery, not too solid. If you really want a treat, try substituting beer (real beer, like Yazoo Dos Perros) for 1/3 of the water.

BACON! Clearly this is the most important step of the entire process. Cook up your favorite bacon nice and slow so it doesn’t burn. If you enjoy burning the shit out of your fingers, proceed immediately to the next step, otherwise let the bacon cool on a paper towel for a few minutes. Next it’s time to crumble the bacon into tiny pieces. Yes, it seems sacrilegious to destroy bacon, but I promise it makes the pancakes so much better!

Now we’re ready to make pancakes! But wait, don’t start slinging batter at your skillet. Like anything in life, first we need a solid foundation made of bacon. So put some of the crumbled bacon in the skillet, then pour the batter on top. Now while that side is cooking, sprinkle more bacon crumbles on the top side. I’ve found this is more effective than trying to mix the crumbles in with the batter ahead of time. This method yields a much higher BPP (bacon per pancake) ratio. Now just cook like you’d cook normal pancakes.

Now all we’re missing is delicious maple syrup. Trust me, you don’t want to ruin this magnificent creation with regular ol’ pancake syrup. And yes of course I made extra bacon to have on the side. Enjoy :)

Text 31 Jan 9 notes A question for freelancers

A week ago I began a new adventure by joining the awesome team at BorderJump! The new job has brought with it more changes (good ones!) than I have time to list here, but one of them is for the first time I’m using my personal laptop for work. After a week I decided to set up a 2nd user account just for work so I could have a separate desktop, links, bookmarks, etc.

The idea is to remove clutter/distractions that are fine on my own time, but serve no purpose at work. I expect this to help me do a better job of focusing on work and speed up what I’m doing by not having to scroll through extra bookmarks, PuTTY entries, personal documents, desktop icons, etc.

That got me thinking. I know a lot of people in Nashville who are freelancers, some full-time and some part-time. And I’m sure there are others in my situation, using their own setup for a non-freelance gig. So if you fall into one of those groups, I’m curious how you handle the personal/work balance. Did you set up a new user (I assume that’s possible on a Mac, but I honestly don’t know)? Do you use the same account for both? Something else? I’d love to hear how others have approached this situation so leave me a note, tweet at me or find me at Geek Social this Thursday and let me know.

Photo 12 Jan 17 notes BUY ALL THE MILK AND BREAD!


Photo 1 Jan 61 notes christyfrink:

Happy New Year, Nashville! (Taken with instagram)


Happy New Year, Nashville! (Taken with instagram)

Text 5 Dec 5 notes Monday

I was about to complain about today being a stereotypical Monday at work, then I looked outside at the rain. Somewhere nearby there’s a homeless man shivering underneath a bridge, waiting for this rain to quit so he can get back to searching for his next meal. As I sit in my warm office earning a paycheck, still full from lunch, I seem to have forgotten what I was going to complain about.

Photo 22 Nov 43 notes Me and my nephew Jude at my birthday lunch. He didn’t want to sit in my lap.. until I had cake and ice cream in front of me!

Me and my nephew Jude at my birthday lunch. He didn’t want to sit in my lap.. until I had cake and ice cream in front of me!

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