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UPDATE: Earlier today I picked up the last of the donations and dropped all of them off at The Contributor’s office downtown. I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone who made a donation and hopefully the vendors will be a little less red thanks to your generosity. Here’s what I dropped off today:


If so, how about sharing a little with the street vendors over at The Contributor? They probably need it worse than any of us, seeing as how they spend all day standing out in this crazy weather!  Here’s part of the Tennessean article I read this morning:

The newspaper [The Contributor] is seeking tubes of suntan lotion at a discounted price, as well as donated water, in the midst of the hotter-than-average summer, she said.

For more information or to make a tax-deductible donation, call 615-829-6829 or go to the newspaper’s website at www.nashvillecontributor.org.

So I’m asking all 2 of my blog readers to help me out by donating some sunscreen.  Drop it off yourself or give it to me and I’ll drop them all off at once.  If you know someone who can get a large quantity at a discounted price, even better.  But I figure between my 2 readers and my twitter followers, we can come up with enough sunscreen to make a small difference.  Prove me right internet!

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